Toggly Trust


Toggly is designed for high performance and availability. We build our solution using best-in-class core technologies including AWS Fargate, RDS, Elasticsearch, and ElastiCache. Our infrastructure spans three availability zones so we’re always available.
Legal & Privacy

Reliable Uptime

Our Safeguards

Platform Performance
Our infrastructure team monitors our platform’s key performance metrics like load times, latency, and network availability to ensure our products are functioning properly.
Quality Control
Our product development process applies quality assurance standards. We routinely hire third-party auditors and have an internal quality assurance team to test our products.
Disaster Recovery
Toggly employs strong platform-level isolation which enables increased service availability. All customer data is actively backed up into regularly-tested and secure servers in case of system failures beyond our control.
Toggly Trust

Improved Reliability

Cloud Infrastructure

With Toggly's cloud-based infrastructure, your organization will benefit from regular security assessments, continuous patching, and additional security features built directly into the platform. These features ensure the continued availability of your data.

Education is Fundamental to Security

We are dedicated to raising industry awareness

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