Innovate Faster with Feature Flags

Define Your Metrics
Record metrics that are important to you and gain insights into how individual features are used.
Build New Features
Focus on the functionality you think is important, and then see how it affects the metrics important to you.
Full Control and Visibility
Control the features in your app with a toggle, release in phases, A/B test, see when features were released and how they are performing.

Innovate faster

Faster QA Cycles
Developers can release bug fixes and new features under feature flags through a Continuous Delivery pipeline. QA can then turn on the features when they are ready to test, then if they're not working, turn them back off. Once a feature is technically ready to be turned on for the customer, the business decides when it's right for the business to turn it on, with a simple toggle of a switch.
Know When a Feature Was Turned On/Off
Toggly provides insights into what is happening inside your apps, including which features are turned on or off, with comprehensive audit reports that will save you time
Measure Feature Impact with A/B Testing
Release new features to a subset of your users and easily see the impact they have on your tracked business metrics
Streamline Your Releases
Allow developers to push releases as soon as they're ready for some feedback, no matter how incomplete they are, without disrupting the rest of the project. Plus it's super fast and easy to set up – one developer can have feature flags going in 5 minutes!

Build a Culture
Of Experimentation

Build features that really make an impact on your business and your users love, with A/B testing, business metrics, feature metrics. Your team, powered by realtime impact data.

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