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Focus on what's most important, release at a time of your choosing.
Deliver Better Software Faster with Feature Flags
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Streamline Relases

Release Continuously And Turn On When Ready

Deploy incomplete & buggy features because they're off. No more holding up the release until every feature is bug free. Once they're ready and tested, turn them on.
Usage Metrics
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Audit History
Gradual Rollout

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1services.AddTogglyWeb(options =>
3	options.AppKey = "<your_app_key>";
4	options.Environment = "Production";
7// Views
8<feature name="FeatureX">
9	<p>This can only be seen if 'FeatureX' is enabled.</p>
12// Controllers & Actions
15public class UsersController : Controller
17	...
21var feature1Enabled = await _featureManager.IsEnabledAsync(FeatureFlags.Feature1);
Deliver Better Software Faster with Feature Flags
We're here to show you what's possible.

Innovate Faster with Feature Flags

Platform Overview

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Build a Culture Of Experimentation

Build features that really make an impact on your business and your users love, with A/B testing, business metrics, feature metrics. Your team, powered by realtime impact data.
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Feature flags with Toggly are easy to set up and start gaining insights and control.
Faster QA Cycles
Release new features and bug fixes under feature flags. QA can turn on the feature when they're ready to test. Business can turn it on when it makes sense.
Measure Delivered Value
Measure feature checks, feature usage and business metrics, and run experiments to see impact of new features.
Uncomplicate Things
Know when a feature was turned on/off with complete audit reports - correlate with your log analytics / ops to see if a problem started once a new feature was introduced.

Streamlined Releases

Push releases as soon as they're ready for some feedback, no matter how incomplete they are, without disrupting the rest of the project.

Emergency Off Switch

A released feature not working properly? Just turn the feature off, and when it's ready, turn it on again.

Measure Feature Impact

Measure feature adoption, and A/B test new features to see how they affect your business metrics.

Eliminate Unknowns

Know when a feature was turned on or off, how many times it's checked for, and how many times it's used.

Faster QA Cycles

Developers release features to QA turned off, QA turn them on to test, the business turns them on in Production when ready.

Sunset Features Painlessly

If you're not sure what effect sunsetting a feature will have, just toggle it and find out, then toggle it back on if you want, or leave it on for only some users for a while.
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